States We Lend Hard Money!

As a hard money lender Relink Capital lends its private rehab money to experienced and qualified real estate investors. We provide competitive hard money rates and fast closings! We offer hard money loans in the following states:

Our private loans are used in real estate investment transactions such as to acquire and rehab non-owner occupied, 1-4 family residential properties. We are able to provide quick purchases to our clients for private hard money loans/rehab loans.

hard money lenders are also known as private money lenders and provide bridge loans, rehab loans, hard money residential loans, hard money commercial loans, and hard money loans for construction projects. We consider ourselves a superior hard money lender based on our capacity to serve the nationwide hard money needs of investors with fast service and expertise.

Relink Capital is lends hard money in all 50 states nationwide including Hard money utah loans, and hard money california, hard money arizona, hard money nevada, hard money florida, and hard money texas loans. Relink Capital Hard Money Lender is based in Salt Lake City utah and we are a mortgage banking firm that has provided hard money loans to wasatch front as well as national businesses and individuals. Our private money loans are secured by real estate. We specialize in serving borrowers whose collateral and term requirements do not fit typical lending requirements of banks, credit unions, and savings and loan associations. We seek to make the terms of our hard money loans fair and ensure that the fit the needs of our nationwide clients.

States We Lend Hard Money

Alabama Hard Money Alaska Hard Money Arizona Hard Money Arkansas Hard Money California Hard Money Colorado Hard Money Connecticut Hard Money Delaware Hard Money Florida Hard Money Georgia Hard Money Hawaii Hard Money Idaho Hard Money Illinois Hard Money Indiana Hard Money Iowa Hard Money Kansas Hard Money Kentucky Hard Money Louisiana Hard Money Maine Hard Money Maryland Hard Money Massachusetts Hard Money Michigan Hard Money Minnesota Hard Money Mississippi Hard Money Missouri Hard Money Montana Hard Money Nebraska Hard Money Nevada Hard Money New Hampshire Hard Money New Jersey Hard Money New Mexico Hard Money New York Hard Money North Carolina Hard Money North Dakota Hard Money Ohio Hard Money Oklahoma Hard Money Oregon Hard Money Pennsylvania Hard Money Rhode Island Hard Money South Carolina Hard Money South Dakota Hard Money Tennessee Hard Money Texas Hard Money Utah Hard Money Vermont Hard Money Virginia Hard Money Washington Hard Money Washington DC Hard Money West Virginia Hard Money Wisconsin Hard Money Wyoming Hard Money

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